Theme Settings provide you an easy way for any user to customize the look and feel of their shop without having to dive into HTML or CSS code. Below goes over each section that you have full control of, whether it's determining link colors or selecting how many products are in each row.

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This section allows you to control all the colors of your site. From backgrounds, borders, text, buttons and the navigation. You have the ability to match your current compaines color palette.


Select the fonts that your wanting to use throughout your site. You have the option of several web safe fonts like Helvitca, Arial, Georgia, etc. or you can check out and select a more custom font that suits your needs.


Upload your custom logo to have it dipslayed in the header along with adding your custom favicon, the little image that gets displayed in the browser tabs.


Display up to two additional link lists in your footer to help feature those secondary pages, like Terms & Service, Support, etc. Have a MailChimp account for your newsletter campaign? Just copy and past your form action URL into the field and you're all ready to collection emails. Keep your users up to date Include you social sites to keep your users active through social media.

Home Page

Take control of your home page with adding up to eight carousel images along with displaying a list of featured collections from a linklist. This way you can showcase specific collections right on the home page. Have products you want to feature as well? Select the collection of products you want to display.

Product Pages

You have the option to determine which side the thumbnail images are located on along with an optional quantity box, for those products where people might be buying multiple items. Entice customers to keep shopping by displaying related products.

Collections Pages

Take control of your collections page with this section of the theme settings. You have the ability to add the options to sort and determine the view of the products in this section. Control how many products are displayed and how many products per row are displayed. Take the collections page one step further with a custom sidebar with up to five linklist options.

Blog & Article Page

Choose to display the Author, Comment Count and or the article tags. You also have the option to include a unique sidebar throughout the blog and article pages which features a collection of products, a text widget, linklists and recent posts.

Content Pages

Add an additional sidebar to the content pages. Include a collection of products, a text widget, up to three linklists and the most recent posts.

Cart Page

Want to give your customers an area to add custom content to an order. Enable the custom notes with orders in this section.

Social Sharing

Add your twitter handle so when users tweet about your products your handle gets automatically dipslayed.


Customize the chekout page to match your look and feel by changing the background color, uploading your logo and selecting different colors.